I will bring a fresh perspective to represent ALL the people of Super District 9. The political establishment that has represented Super District 9 for generations no longer reflects the values most important to the majority of Super District 9.

Moving Memphis forward means putting children first. Every vote I take will prioritize the impact on our city's most important resource, its young people.

We insist upon a Welcoming Memphis. The community that we value -- one that embraces diversity -- is under attack from our state and federal governments. Send the message loud and clear change must come for the country in 2020 ... by voting #Calvo901 in 2019.

I will defend Memphis' right to pass and enforce laws most important to our residents.  The Tennessee legislature has repeatedly undermined the priorities most important to Memphians and I will lead the fight to uphold our values.


Our policy agenda must focus on generating more thriving businesses and more high-quality jobs for hard-working residents. In this city that nourished world-changing innovations, we must incubate and elevate more entrepreneurial startups.

City government can and must invest in education at every level, as well as workforce development to re-skill and retrain loyal workers for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

I will demand accountability, living wages, and smart growth for businesses seeking tax incentives -- especially if it pulls money away from education.

Memphis must become a magnet for minority and women-owned businesses. Council members must make supporting these businesses a top economic priority.


Lowering the crime rate requires increased trust, true community policing, and creative public-private partnerships for investments in programs that give young people outlets and optimism.

I will draw on relationships built on mutual trust with law enforcement officials and residents in neighborhoods across the city.

I will fight for common-sense regulation of firearms that Memphians demand to reduce the horrifying epidemic of gun deaths. I support following the examples of other cities in filing lawsuits, if necessary, to challenge the NRA and its friends in the Tennessee legislature.

We must prioritize social enrichment by strengthening programs offered by our libraries, community centers, and parks. Memphis can become a destination city by expanding and reviving public spaces where bonds are forged across the lines of race, age, socio-economic status, and background.


I will build trust in city government by tirelessly engaging with people in every neighborhood in Super District 9. I will listen and respond to the needs of ALL stakeholders.

I will support our city's public servants by making annual wage increases and improved working conditions a priority in the city budget. My proven solutions-oriented record will help me work effectively with fellow Council members and administration officials for the most efficient, strategic budget possible.

I will demand the highest standards of ethical conduct and civil debate, from myself and other elected officials. Voters deserve to know they are voting for men and women who will hold all city officials accountable for keeping the public trust.


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