For the past 25 years, Mauricio Calvo has chosen Memphis, called by locals “the 901," as his home. Over the course of his career, he has worked tirelessly to help ensure that the Memphis community has been heard. Through his leadership, serving as the executive director of Latino Memphis for 11 years, he has worked with diverse and underrepresented populations within and outside of the city. Using this platform, he has fearlessly spoken out against acts of injustice, both local and national, to uplift the voices of those in need.

Mauricio, who is openly bi, married his best friend 19 years ago, local artist Yancy Villa-Calvo. Together they are figuring out how to raise three future leaders: Anna 14, Carolina 13 and Santiago 11, all of whom proudly attend public schools. They all have to endure his cooking every night, from his famous grilled tacos to his stir fry tofu. The Calvo-Villa’s are champions of progressive social issues, and they love to enjoy all things Memphis as a family.

When he is not working with his organization or spending quality time with his family, Mauricio dedicates time to contributing to other parts of the Memphis community. He serves on various boards, including the Downtown Memphis Commission, Hope Credit Union, Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau, We Are Memphis, Shelby Farms Park Conservancy, and the National Leadership Council for LeBonheur Children's Hospital among others.

Most recently, after 25 years, Yancy and Mauricio became US citizens, a privilege they know many are unable to obtain. As a citizen, Mauricio will continue to use his voice, and his vote, to fight for others that are deserving of their own American dream.


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